Some selected models with KINTO ONE offer customers groundbreaking vehicle upgrade and connected services.

KINTO Unlimited added values

For the first time ever, customers can upgrade software and hardware features on their leased vehicles to the latest available version, while also receiving vigilant safety training and monitoring services.

This innovation is made possible through the vehicle’s onboard communication module, which empowers us to continuously monitor and update the vehicle whenever new technologies are released. That’s what it means to be KINTO Unlimited.

Please note that this service is currently available only in Japan for selected models: Prius “U-grade”, Yaris “U-grade” and Yaris Cross “U-grade”.

Software upgrades

Always keeps your software up to date

Hardware upgrades

Enables hardware retrofitting

Connected driving trainer

Provides advice on safe driving

Connected car care

Achieves optimal maintenance

KINTO Unlimited features

Software upgrades

Although car technology is constantly evolving, until now we have not been able to reflect this evolution in the cars that our customers are currently driving.

So we have introduced “Over the Air (OTA)” technology, which allows them to update their car’s software as they drive, just like they do with a computer or smartphone.

Hardware upgrades

In anticipation of future upgrades, we have just introduced Toyota’s first upgrade-ready design incorporating wiring harnesses and so on required for retrofitting.

This enables retrofitting of factory-installed options, which was previously impossible.

Connected driving trainer

By analyzing customers' driving data, we diagnose their individual driving characteristics and provide tailored tips on how to enhance safety while driving.

By discerning driving habits that customers might not be consciously aware of, we can assist them in driving with enhanced safety and fuel efficiency.

Connected car care

We will advise customers of the best time to bring their cars in for service according to their use of the car.

Our newly developed technology precisely estimates the deterioration status of consumables such as engine oil, which varies from customer to customer. This is based on a variety of data obtained through our connected platform. Through our online portal and dedicated app, we notify customers when to bring their cars in for service.

KINTO in Japan

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