Our services

KINTO ONE is a full-service lease program primarily providing Toyota and Lexus vehicles.

A full-service lease includes not only the lease of the vehicle but also maintenance, 24-hour support, vehicle registration, insurance, substitute vehicles arrangements, and more. All these services are available for a fixed monthly fee.

Keep in mind that the services available through KINTO ONE can vary by location, so please check with your local KINTO provider.

Backed by Toyota quality

Our Toyota background is what makes us different - Our staff, who are well-versed in Toyota and Lexus vehicles, can meet all your needs, from electric vehicles to models equipped with advanced safety features, and recommend the optimal vehicle for you.

We leverage the Toyota Group's network to provide you with a stable supply of the necessary vehicle models and quantities when you need them. Highly skilled engineers certified by Toyota are here to provide maintenance services that uphold Toyota's quality, ensuring your safety.

All-inclusive service

KINTO ONE distinguishes itself from traditional car ownership by offering a hassle-free experience. All maintenance costs and insurance premiums are included in the monthly usage fee.

Access to the newest models

With a lease, you can typically get access to a newer car with the latest features.


Leasing allows you to drive a new car every few years, giving you the flexibility to change your vehicle.

Covered Insurance

Comprehensive coverage with no restrictions on family or age.

Maintenance Included

Drive worry free knowing you’re covered for oil changes, breakdowns and tires.

No Down Payment

Depending on the make and model of the car you lease, you may be able to sell it later on for a value.

Toyota Quality

Expect lasting reliability, superior craftsmanship and a driving experience like no other.

Its quick and easy to get started. Simply choose the length of the term that’s right for you, add one of our attractive maintenance packs, collect your car and away you go!

KINTO SHARE offers a sustainable car-sharing solution that allows both individuals and businesses to access vehicles as needed.

Simply reserve and use a vehicle of your choice through our user-friendly KINTO Apps, providing seamless access to transportation whenever you need it.

By using KINTO SHARE, you play a part in reducing city traffic, easing the strain on parking, and lessening environmental footprint.

Keep in mind that the services available through KINTO SHARE can vary by location, so please check with your local KINTO provider.

Worry-Free Driving

Contactless pick-up at a Toyota Dealership or a station. No paperwork to fill out. Just connect to your reserved vehicle and drive away.

Zero Ownership Cost

No long-term commitment required. Maintenance and owner’s insurance included.


We sanitize your vehicle using a multipoint process inside and out.

Discover more mobility solutions

Multimodal transport

KINTO GO is a multimodal app that makes getting around your city simple and effortless.

Corporate carpooling

KINTO JOIN revolutionises the way a company’s employees travel to work.

Multi-car subscription

KINTO FLEX is designed to offer the flexibility for your car needs, going beyond today’s lease, to fit your life.


KINTO RIDE is an on-demand shuttle service with a difference.