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The shift in car price and ownership in Japan

In the past decade, vehicle prices have surged by 30%, driven by advancements in driving software and electrification. This trend has made car ownership increasingly challenging, with the average ownership period in Japan extending to 8 years.

As technology evolves during this time, many miss out on experiencing new features.

To address these hurdles, KINTO Japan introduced KINTO ONE in 2019—a hassle-free full-service leasing option for personal consumers.

Just like any other subscription models, consumers simply pay a fixed monthly fee, avoiding ownership costs and issues such as insurance and maintenance.

Upgrades and Monitoring with KINTO Unlimited

In January 2023, KINTO Japan unveiled "KINTO ONE Unlimited," a unique service allowing customers to upgrade leased vehicles with software updates or hardware retrofits. This offering enables users to drive up-to-date vehicles at a lower cost, even years into their leasing contracts, setting a new standard in the Japanese market.

As our services continue to evolve, we make sure that your vehicle also evolves endlessly after delivery, embodying the spirit of “Unlimited”.

Full-service leasing

Automobile tax


Car inspection





Four new services added

A new approach to aftercare service


Software upgrades


Hardware upgrades

Monitoring and support with Toyota Connected


Connected driving trainer


Connected car care

KINTO in Japan

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