Ever Better Mobility
For All
Ever Better Mobility For All

In the future, different forms of transport will no longer be disconnected and disjointed. KINTO will offer one seamless, inclusive solution that everyone can rely on. A joined-up experience of multi-modal transport and payment, from carpooling to car-sharing and flexible car subscriptions, for all needs, all abilities and all demographics ‐ across all types of journeys.

Simple & Smart Mobility: that's KINTO.
KINTO Core Values

We’re always seeking better ways to solve challenges for our customers and make mobility easier for them. Whether that’s a new service, a smoother-running app, or a simpler payment system – every innovation matters, whether seemingly small or big.


Delivering ever better mobility isn’t just a job, it’s our one true passion. So we bring 100% enthusiasm and energy to overcoming challenges and finding even better solutions. And our passion comes through in the experiences we create for our customers.


We do things the right way, the proper way, so customers know they can trust us. We never take shortcuts or decisions that compromise the safety of our services, customers, or partners. In particular, we take the safety of customer and partner data extremely seriously.


Improving mobility is full of challenges. At times, they can seem insurmountable. But we never give up. Our passion for improving the lives of our customers runs deep, and it means we persevere when others would not. And we therefore always find better solutions.

KINTO Services

KINTO ONE gives you all the benefits of driving a new car, without having to own one. It’s stress-free, all-inclusive and it’s all yours in one fixed, transparent monthly fee. And the best news of all? It’s quick and easy to get started. Simply choose the length of term that’s right for you, add one of our attractive maintenance packs, collect your car and away you go. Just don’t forget to add fuel.


KINTO FLEX is designed to offer the flexibility for your car needs, going beyond today’s lease, to fit your life. With an easy and simple digital process you can get the car you need without a lengthy commitment, delivered to your doorstep for ultimate convenience. And because KINTO FLEX includes all scheduled maintenance, insurance and taxes, all for one fixed monthly fee, all you have to do is add fuel.


KINTO RIDE is an on-demand shuttle service with a difference. Your individual mobility needs are at the heart of KINTO RIDE. Our ride-hailing service combines the affordability and convenience you expect with a high-quality service and professionalism you’ll really appreciate.


KINTO GO is a multi-mobility app that makes getting around your city simple and effortless. Integrating information on multiple transport types into one app, KINTO GO allows people to plan the simplest route through their city to take them from A to B and pay for it all in one Go.


KINTO JOIN revolutionises the way a company’s employees travel to work. By connecting co-workers who wish to share their daily commutes through an app, our unique carpooling technology can verify who’s onboard, which allows the employer to offer drivers built-in incentives – such as priority parking spaces – and, importantly, help to improve a company’s CO2 footprint.


KINTO SHARE gives you the freedom of an efficient Hybrid without the ownership costs. Our seamless, self-service concept lets you choose the right car for every occasion, whether it’s a whirlwind shopping trip or important business meeting, on demand, around the clock. For fleet managers, our telematics service provides a smarter way to monitor and optimise fleet utilisation and total cost of ownership.