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In 2018, Toyota made a declaration of transforming from an automotive company to a “Mobility” Company. KINTO is one of the components of Toyota’s transformation – we are an organization facing the challenge of providing people with diverse and speedy mobility services.

Shaping the future of mobility

We find ourselves in a once-in-a-century transformation era in the automotive industry.

Technological innovations often referred to as CASE (Connected, Autonomous, Share, Electric), consumer trends that are shifting from ownership to usership, environmental risks and regulations that are becoming increasingly larger and stricter – we are here to provide solutions for people’s mobility, and going to dramatically change them.

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Our promise

The name KINTO is inspired by the nimbus cloud, representing an ideal form of mobility – autonomous, emission free, quiet, accident free, and always available when needed. It embodies the idea of a flexible and liberating relationship between our customers and their vehicles, allowing them to move as freely as they wish.

As the global brand for all mobility services, KINTO would like to provide you our brand promise: Ever Better Mobility for All.

Our vision

In the future, different forms of transportation will no longer be disconnected and disjointed. KINTO will offer one seamless, inclusive solution that everyone can rely on. A joined-up experience of multi-modal transport and payment, from carpooling to car-sharing and flexible car subscriptions, for all needs, all abilities and all demographics – across all types of journeys.

Simple & smart mobility: that’s KINTO.

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